What We’re Doing Here

We want to create a space where women can come together, support one another through their individual experiences. We are all so different in so many ways but at the core, we are women who have given birth to babies. That single + experience changes a woman profoundly and it should be celebrated. From the challenges of the day to day. From moments of hating your child and/or your husband or partner. That moment of “What the fuck?” to laughing hysterically over baby poop and puke. There is a wound that opens and continues to scab over and heal repeatedly until, hopefully healed with a little scar. One that as a woman we can look at and love. Those tiger stripes we gain on our breasts, bellies, and butts. Like those, ones we can look at and say, this is where I housed my baby. This was their first home. Even more so, the heart is their home. 

That love doesn’t come easily. It takes time. It comes through support from others. In this society we are expected to tote our babes and smile, while others may think we are crazy for being mothers and oh, how we must not sleep but oh, what a cute baby you have and how beautiful you are with your babe. The mother comes second, the first to be adorned is the babe. Rightfully so, the sweet face and presence of a baby gives the sense of hope for the future. Let’s switch the focus for an hour or so here and there, just for a little bit. Let’s do that here.
Let’s create that space together. That support for one another as our days pass. Because our differences aren’t as different as we may think. Few of us sleep, few of us sleep without worry, we provide milk from our breasts or formula from a bottle, or search high and low for another mother’s milk, we try our best to create a safe, loving environment. We attempt to do the best we can. The greater the connection we have to one another, the greater connection we can have to our babes. Without resentment from the sacrifices we give so willingly, though we don’t see them as sacrifices, because it is so simply what we do, period. Let’s connect so we can quiet the crazy that might make us want to run. Because if you compare us to other first world countries, their systems cheer on and value the family unit. The difference here is support. That void, is the lack of support. The praise for parents who love, care, and keep their children safe. So let’s start here.
It’s not easy, but in my soul I believe that there are very few of us that would trade parenthood for anything else. We speak about women because we are three mothers, but we want to hear more. Let’s support fathers, grandmothers, guardians, family units, families of all types. Let’s talk babies and let’s talk bumps, everything in between and past. Let’s do that here. 
With laughs and love,
>>Raffi, Roxy, and Noa<<

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