Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

Happy Friday, everyone!

Let me share with you our first time around: we took a beautiful, optimistic child birth class, read every possible holistic midwifery book out there, had my daily special raspberry tea leaf and rose hips concoction , learned how to swaddle and how to give a relaxing partner massage while giving birth, watched a water birth with a mom actually reaching an orgasm (I really don’t need to see THAT one again) and let me tell you nothing, NOTHING went according to our precious plan and that’s when we learned, there is OUR plan and there’s the BABY’s plan. long story short water broke (I thought I peed on myself), no contractions, no opening, no nothing, just a puddle of water in my pants and so I turned to my soulmate and said:  “Baby, I think I just peed on myself”

Dave: “My love, when have you ever peed on yourself?”

Me: “Never”

Dave: Clearly laughing at me at this point, “my love, your water broke!”

Me:”Ha?  so that’s what it feels like, peeing??”

No Adults Allowed

so…we took our time since we knew that if its clear we have no reason to worry and so we headed out to Noah’s Bagels for breakfast when the sun came out about 9 hours later. Then we went to see my wonderful pro natural birth OB ,whom after checking me sent me out to Cedar’s right away. At that point it was already almost 20 hours later, but still we wanted to “stick to the natural plan” and so we were set out to go for a walk and later make out in the car to naturally induce some movement, contractions..anything.(according to the plan, right?) well, needless to say I did NOT feel sexy, so 40 mins into us trying to make out we quit the plan and headed out to the hospital. With copies of the birth plan in hand,a ‘Quiet Please’ sign on the door ,no partner massage (I felt I was about to break his hand, the poor thing), a good friend as a doula and 2 days later our little (Well, not so little 8.5 lbs, 21′) baby boy was born in a natural (with some oxytocin to induce contractions the first 2 days)birth. Later,to avoid vaccinations and give him some mama’s liquid gold I breastfed him for a year and a half ,which created a beautiful bond, of course, made me change my entire life around and a challenging weaning. I honestly think he’s still angry with me, since he still sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night yelling my name and the word Tzizi (boob) right after. Fast forward 2 years later I’m weeks away from giving birth to our second baby, with no special teas, no burrito baby swaddling ,no happiest baby on the block (since that seemed to just piss our lil guy off, if anything)  NO PLAN, only a mantra “healthy baby, healthy, happy delivery”. Whatever it takes we’re on board!

To your health,my babies!




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