Roxy’s Mom Moment Monday – #2

There are times when I wake up in the morning feeling so amped and motivated that I’m certain if someone shadowed me throughout the day that I’m envisioning, I would for sure earn some sort of mother award involving a deep tissue massage, peonies, endless new books on my Kindle… any acknowledgment really, I’m not picky.

On this particular day, I’m so excited after waking up that I actually go straight for the bathroom to brush my teeth instead of waiting thirty minutes and then lazily dragging myself over. While I’m in here I might as well run a brush through my hair….and do my makeup! I try to balance myself while Little Man weaves through my legs like a puppy. Takes a while, but I’m done. Off to a great start. Little and I eat our breakfast together while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plays in the background. I think to myself how cute I was when I was pregnant, telling everyone with a serious I’m-going-to-be-the-best-parent face, that we would have a no tv rule. How sweet…and clueless. Mickey is my life.
As part of my feeling awesome mood, I decide to go on a morning outing instead of waiting until the afternoon. I take Little to the park. After about twenty minutes I’m ready to leave but that smiling cute little face tells me otherwise, so I tough it out for another thirty. We go home. Lunch. Nap. Second outing is to the grocery store, where I decide I will be making broccoli soup from scratch!
We get home, and I’m in full soup-making force. Little is busy arranging ten water bottles on the kitchen floor. Totally fine, as long as he’s engaged. Soup’s almost done. As I’m adding salt to my masterpiece, Little yells, ‘mommy, look!’ As I turn around to look at his masterpiece, my gargantuan salt shaker slips from my fingers into my soup. The whole thing. I’m heart broken. Can’t believe it. But I have two choices. Throw out the soup and cry about it, or throw out the soup and come up with another solution. As much as a good cry is always welcome in my life, I go with option number two. I order a pizza, and sit down on the floor with my Little Man and arrange his ten water bottles. Later, daddy comes home and we have a dance party in the living room jumping up and down around the coffee table.
Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned, but if you change your mind-set, they may just turn out even better.
Baby steps,

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