The Great Debate Of The Penis

A response to my husband regarding the state of our future son’s penis.

My husband wrote a blog over at discussing the great debate of circumcision. My husband and I are not pregnant, we do not have a son and are not expecting a son, yet. It could be in our future, so we decided to discuss circumcision. When we first had this great debate, I was pregnant with our little girl. I said an absolute no, and my husband said it is up to him because he is the father and has the dong. I do not care who has the penis. I stand firmly on the no cutting side. I rolled my eyes after a short debate and walked away. I knew this wouldn’t be the end of it, and he would soon see things differently.

My reasons are simple. We have no reason to cut it, period. There is not enough science to back cutting a baby’s genitals. We have no religious purpose to circumcise our non-existent son.    Frankly, growing up in an Italian and Venezuelan family, to circumcise is not a conversation. It wasn’t even a thought; until I married Kansas. Then the conversation came up and for whatever reason hubster thought it was important for his man parts to match our future son’s baby parts.

Papabear sleeping on the issue.

I get it, to an extent. A little bit of an ego thing going on there, maybe? Father-son bonding over penis. Here’s the thing hubby, there is a whole lot of bonding that will happen without comparing penis. You can still swing your dongs from side to side and do boy things. Helicopter time, whatever. Circumcision doesn’t change that. Just as we are going to wait to pierce our little girl’s ears so she can make her own decision, we will keep our boy in tact so he can make his own decision as well. Those small percentages of babies dying and infection, and all sorts of negative things. They just aren’t worth it. The conversation on the other hand, is worth the battle. I am moved by you, you dad with swagger. Thank you for bringing up the conversation that not many people like to have. I will say to all you other fathers. Where are you in this conversation?

I noticed that all the comments were from feisty mamas. A couple of men sprinkled in the conversation but not a whole lot. I’m going to keep poking the bear. Thank you to those who shared their insights, views, and stories. Yes, the topic is private. Genitals are private, but it is an important topic to discuss. It is important to do the research to back your position up. It is important to take a stance on whether or not a scalpel gets put to your son’s penis.

Question traditions, question societal attitudes, question research, question it all then do what is best for you. Don’t blindly accept the status quo.

I am the only mother with a daughter and not a son over here at Talking Baby Bumps. The three of us have different perspectives, opinions, beliefs and lives. Ladies, let’s start this conversation.

Thank you to my husband for being open minded, questioning the status quo, and constantly wanting to better himself.

Cheers to the Rumpleforeskins, Long-Dong Silvers, and Frank and Beans.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


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