Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Raffi has asked me to write a response and share my personal experience in regards to circumcision so… it is.

I was brought up Jewish, yes. However, growing up with a religious mom (I.e God will punish you if you don’t do it) and an atheist dad (“religion is the enemy”) has allowed me to question my identity and every single tradition we ‘had’ to follow. So yes, I absolutely agree traditions should not be followed blindly and should be questioned constantly. That’s why in our little family we do not follow tradition, we follow spirituality. Meaning, everything we do needs to have a spiritual realm for us to do it. From our jobs to celebrating holidays to circumcising our boy.  It was not obvious to us that we end up having a ‘Brit Milah’ for our lil miracle(=circumcision ceremony). We wanted to know why we are doing it, and so after reading more about it ,asking the right people the right questions and set out an intention to seek out the spiritual reason behind this barbaric ceremony we were convinced it was the right thing for us. Raising our son in a multi faith family with my soul mate being brought up Catholic makes us do things differently. With meaning, not by the book and not for anyone else. I am not the flag carrier of how and what everyone else should do, I’m a mother who follows her heart and educating her mind and together with my partner we make conscious decisions .With all do respect to science I honestly believe that science plays catch up with what the world presents us with, and that every theory out there can be backed up by another ‘scientific’ theory until ‘science’ comes up with another theory, so I really don’t care about that aspect. I care about the fact that on the 8th day the soul of the newborn becomes complete, I care about the consciousness of the person (the ‘mohel’, in our case) as he performs the ceremony, I care about the environment the Brit is being held at (we had it in our home), I care about the spiritual aspect of removing the impurity of the foreskin and by that, symbolically, separating the pure from the impure of the egoistic desires in my child’s heart in order to elevate his soul. You know what? our lil boy did not cry! It was a beautiful, moving, meaningful, intense ceremony that everyone still remembers to this day.

Whether you decide to do it or not know that there is no right or wrong, no black or white only what’s true in your heart.

To our healthy babies,



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