Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Let’s talk about what’s on your plates, moms and dads!

When I was looking at preschools for our 2yr old son,as an educator myself  I was easily impressed by the curriculum, teaching methods, space and staff. However, I was not impressed at all with the food choices they offered the lil ones. What was on the menu you’re asking?  oh, just BBQ chicken wings, pizza and sausage! REALLY???!!!   After looking at 6 different places I had my heart set on a small daycare with non-processed, homemade meals made by his amazing daycare owner and teacher,Esther, and I brought his special gluten free, dairy free, meat free items of my choice.

I get so mad when I see what they feed our children and even more mad when some schools still post this silly, useless,old thing called the Food Pyramid on their kitchen door.

Old Food Pyramid

Say what you want about Obama, one amazing thing that he did bring along with him is his secret weapon, his wife! Michelle Obama took the initiative and replaced this 1992 useless thing with her version- “My plate”.

My-Plate-Michelle-ObamaYes, people complained that it’s not specific enough, but I say how can you be so specific when everyone is different in their needs, their intolerance level, their up-bringing?

I’d like to take it a step further and say that your health and the health of your children is not only made out of what you consume, but also by what and who you surround yourself with, your environment, your faith, your friends, your work place, your loved ones, your happiness.

New PyramidAnd so, there needs to be room for spirituality, relationship, physical activity, career and yes, food and good water.

Just food for thought….Would love to hear from you-

What do you feed your child in and out of the house?

Blessings and love to our beautiful families everywhere,





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