Oh crap, baby’s coming! Nesting craziness.

I often think back with fondness on my pregnancy, when Little Man was just a tiny peanut. I was so excited I couldn’t stop making lists. I had five hundred to-do lists. I’d organize and re-organize. Clean and re-clean. I owned nesting. I actually remember using a toothpick to clean my car. If I could see crumbs, I considered it an incomplete task, and I couldn’t check it off my treasured list. And when I say tasks, I mean everything from passport renewal, to ordering blinds. I would hound hubby to do the tasks I couldn’t do, because we had a deadline, and in my mind, if it wasn’t met by the time the baby was born, it would never happen.  
Different people will tell you differently on the subject. Time and time again, when talking about my ‘deadline’ I heard a laugh and a ‘all you really need is a crib and a car seat.’ True for some. Not so true for others. I knew if we didn’t get the important stuff done, we would never get around to it after Little’s arrival and I was right. Many of my to-do items pre-Little, are untouched. And it’s ok. We’re still alive. Not everything can always go as planned. But new lists will definitely be peeping around the corner soon.

So the point is, my list-loving friends, there’s nothing wrong with dealing with things in your own way. If making lists and organizing the heck out of your soon-to-be baby’s room gives you a sense of control and empowerment, do it. If you need to use a toothbrush to clean your fridge… how clever! Good for you! So proud. 

To the people who question your actions, whether small or big, it will probably be the first of the many to come your way in baby land. And as I learned early on, we really don’t need to explain ourselves. To the unwelcome comments and advice, a smile and change of subject will usually suffice. Or flip them off. 

Baby steps, and list-love,





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