Everything will be ok.

Be patient. Take a deep breath. Don’t forget to exhale. When you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re losing control, remember that this too shall soon pass.When Little colors with crayons on the wall, throws his bowl of strawberries across the room and/or finds hair gel and puts a glob right onto his freshly washed hair, I take a deep breath, and tell myself that this phase will pass. This moment will pass. And honestly as frustrating as those times can be, I try to see the positive side. I’m happy that my toddler is a spirited, curious, active little man. I may not see that in my moment of frenzy and chaos, but when I take a step back, that’s what it is. He’s not trying to make me upset. He’s communicating something. Just recently when Little knocked his chair down, I asked him, ‘why are you doing that?’ And I kid you not, he said, ‘I want attention.’ Blew me away. Whether or not he knew exactly what that meant is not really the point, it was a reminder to me that that’s most likely what he needed. So I stopped what I was doing and played with him.

And I think about that often, when things get out of control. What is he communicating to me? And what can I do to ameliorate the situation.

To all my mammas and papas, when things seem to be too much, take a deep breath, try to look at the situation as an observer, you’ll be surprised at what you see. 

Baby steps…big ones and little ones,



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