Kim K. Show Me Your Real Nudie

I was recently asked my opinion on Kim Kardashian’s post- baby nude she posted on Instagram. I didn’t know what they were talking about so, I laughed and pulled out my phone to check it out. I rolled my eyes and said she was a joke. Then that burning feeling of fury really started to come up and out. The friend who asked about the picture continued to ask my thoughts on her mothering skills. I don’t know a thing of her “mothering” other than what I saw in the tabloids at the supermarket and what people speak about. She continued to tell me bits and pieces of what she has read from her blog…that you pay to read. No, she did not pay but one of her friends did and then she found herself in a deep dark hole. One tidbit of information she shared was that Kim K. covers up when she nurses.

Honestly, I had an inner battle with the pictures posted and what my friend told me about her nursing under a cover. I thought, I understand wanting privacy and protecting my child while nursing while photos are taken. Not that  I’m a celebrity or anything, but everyone has their phones out all the time. Then I laughed because let’s be real, this chick does not give two shits about privacy. Her living is made from being a public figure.

My issue with this is beyond the public/private thing and the mothering thing, or my opinion of Kim Kardashian’s character. I don’t know her. I don’t know how she parents. What I do know is that she has posted all these naked photos, all these damn naked photos. Honestly, my issue isn’t even with that. My issue is with her nonchalant attitude about it. My issue is with the re-touching of photos, especially on her Instagram pictures. It is not real. It is not the reality of what her body looks like. Post your naked pictures, mama. Post the shit out of them, but be real about it. The girls that follow her, the women that follow her, the mothers that follow her. The men that follow her, for all those who follow her, it creates a false sense of reality. That is not what postpartum looks like, that is not what a curvy woman looks like, that is not what real looks like. If you want to represent women and to empower women, post that naked picture. But don’t edit it. Instead of your tagline being, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear. LOL”. Let that picture be what it is and share a little, “Hell yeah, I look good.” or something of some worth. Just a little bit of worth rather than your attitude that you don’t have anything to wear from your million dollar closet.


Here’s the thing, sexuality isn’t bad. This whole a mother is separate from a sexual being is a crock of shit. Humans are sexy, women are sexy, motherhood is sexy. Rep it true. Please don’t cover up while nursing then post naked pictures. Don’t tell mothers to cover up their breasts when feeding their babies but let them loose to represent sex. You can do both. You can be a sexual woman and a mother.

To the women who follow Kim Kardashian, for the women who are impacted by her presence, because at the end of the day, her being such a public figure impacts all of us whether or not we pay attention to her. Understand that you can post a sexy picture and be a mother, you may not have flat abs, you may not have the perfect hair style, make-up on, all done up, all whatever. Please post a picture of your confident, sexy, self with or without the baby, but don’t do it looking for acceptance. If you want to help make boobs, sex, vaginas, birthing babies, motherhoood, a little less taboo, rock it. But lets rock it right. Let’s get real and raw with it and stop putting this bizarre spin on what real women look like. It’s not  healthy, and we want healthy mothers and healthy women to raise our babies, and step out into the world killing it.

I encourage you mamas to take a picture right here, where you are at. Actually, not just mamas, I encourage you reading this, man or woman, take a selfie. Take that fucking selfie and say out loud, “Damn, I look good.”

Post it, or not.  Here’s mine.

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