When we speak about motherhood, I have found that we so quickly focus on the challenges and shortcomings of society, the help that is so lacking, and on and on. I’m not saying that these aren’t important because believe you, me, there is no end to the conversations I could have about all of the above topics and every tiny detail that falls under each. There is a lack of help and unity within communities that leaves so many families in the dust and trampled. There are women who can’t pull themselves together to put one foot in front of the other due to a lack of support, postpartum depression or a number of other reasons. There is not enough talk about the subject, about women, about mothers, about children, about childbirth. That being said, I feel there is even less talk about mothers who do rise-up. The mothers who are self-aware enough to get up and out of the house regardless of how depressed or shitty they feel. What I want to do today is focus on these women, these caregivers, rather. I say mamas but it is not limited to mothers.

To the mamas who take an honest look at themselves and say, “Shit, I’m in trouble.” To the mamas who recognize that the deep hole is only going to get deeper if they don’t pull themselves out of it every day over and over, regardless. Yes, there is a baby, babies and children to attend to. You have to get out of bed because you have to take care of them, right? Wrong. So many women are so overwhelmed by the responsibility and are struggling so much that they don’t get out of bed, they don’t help themselves. Which means they won’t be able to take care of anyone. You see, there is always a choice. Some have fallen so low past the ground that they aren’t able to get up, they know there is a choice but for them, they don’t see it yet.


To the mothers who drag their asses out the door and manage everyone’s lives plus their own, regardless of the intense anxiety and odd feeling of despair while holding a beautiful baby in front of you. You recognize that if you don’t do it, no one will.

Battle ship hit, not sunk. Maybe flooded, but not sunk.


Mama, I applaud you and admire every ounce of your will to get to the park and meet other mothers. I applaud your motivation to find free yoga classes and mommy and me classes. I am so proud to call you a friend and a woman in the community. What you may not know is that your strength shines. What you may not get is a pat on the back, but I would hug you a million times over. You may not realize that you’re not only saving yourself but your saving other mamas around you.

To the mamas with the silent strength.

You inspire me.

Thank you.


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