No Family please!-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

I love having family and friends around me. I love having them stay with us and enjoy their good company. Hosting 20 people for dinners is something both Dave and I enjoyed doing very much , prior to being pregnant with baby#2. When I gave birth to our son 2.5 years ago I really wanted my mom to be with me and she was. She flew 7588.4 miles to be here and boy, was she a big help. Coming into the last days of this pregnancy I really feel that I don’t want any family member here. I just want to nest with my soul mate, our toddler and the newborn. Why? I don’t know. BUT Dave’s mom is so excited and has already announced that she’ll be coming next week, my mom is waiting patiently for me to confirm with her as well and my loving partner already committed to doing this theater play, where he will be absent most days and nights. So…. how the heck will I do it alone? Especially when I’m not taking maternity leave. Both the schools that I teach at end June 5th, and I’m responsible for putting together their graduation ceremonies, which we’ve worked on all year long. I’m blessed to be working as a teacher where the director already set up a nursery for the baby and I, so that I can attend to her between classes.

As crazy and hectic as life seems right now it’s about to get even crazier.


So no, I’m not going to tell his mom to not come now, and yes, I will have my mom here in May and I will try to make the best of it. I love them both, don’t get me wrong, I just wish we had a week or two to nest before other family members start showing up here.



Only Love,




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