“How do you do it all and keep calm while having five children?”-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Being a parent comes with more responsibilities. Much more time and energy is spent on taking care of others than ourselves. From feedings and middle-of-the-night wake-ups to afterschool activities and bedtime schedules, being in a demanding relationship like that can actually help us gain a new insight into true freedom and to expand our capacity not only for love but also for freedom.

People always ask me, “How do you do it all and keep calm while having five children?” Today I am more capable to handle more than ever before, and staying calm has been essential for me to doing so.

When my kids were very young, I made a conscious decision to be totally present with everything that the infancy and toddler stage brings. It is a stage in life that requires a lot of time and care but eventually passes. Instead of feeling like I was missing out on life, I chose to see it as the best thing I could do in my life at that moment.

Making that choice helped me be present and stay calm with all the fuss.  Now that my kids are teens and tweens, I make the same choice over and over again and love the new experiences these stages bring.

Our state of mind while we do anything is what will determine how free we are.

Every second of every day, each one of us can choose how we react to everyone and everything around us, how much we appreciate ourselves and our children, what lessons we learn, how much love we give, and how stressed we feel.

Life is full of challenges, and there are soooo many good reasons to be afraid and stressed. But that’s where true freedom lies – in choosing not to fall into that negative consciousness and instead, reserving our mind space for what we really are, Light, love and fearless.

We can never claim that we are not free because of someone else. No one can hold our own consciousness hostage. We are the ones that capture our own soul, mind and body, and we are the only ones that can set ourselves free.

Let’s show our children what real freedom within looks like. Let’s teach them that they hold the key to the imaginary cage and can set themselves free at any moment they choose.

You can start with small steps and encourage them with these verbal affirmations shared in a loving, nonjudgmental tone:

It is your choice to feel happy.
It is your choice to react this way.
It is your choice to see the good.
It is your choice….


Written by a mother of five I know and admire, who initiates world wide children spirituality program , Michal Berg



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