My Little Sicky 

Ten hours. Ten hours of waking up every twenty minutes. No exaggeration here. It was a reminder of what it was like newborn period. Except there was a lot of coughing, sneezing, and ‘mommy….boogies,’ involved. Poor Little Man. I felt so bad. Every time I I fell asleep, it was with a box of wipes on my stomach and a tiny koala attached to my side. 

Each time Little gets sick, I think, ‘I wish I could be sick instead of him.’ These toddlers…so innocent and helpless; the watery, red eyes and sniffly nose. He walked around aimlessly yesterday saying to no one in particular, ‘I sick.’ 

It’s so hard watching your child be ill, and only be able to help to a certain extent… Not knowing if the remedies you’re using are the best ones. If the advice certain people swear by, is actually helpful. 

What I do know however, is that nothing trumps mommy’s hugs and watching Dinosaur Train on PBS with a blankie and a strong cup of coffee for mommy.

Baby steps, and no more sniffles,




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