Disney with the Little

We finally did it. We took Little to Disneyland. A two year-old? Si, es posible. And enjoyable! Last week was our first time. We went on hubby’s birthday. Not exactly for his birthday, more like we went to Disneyland…and it was his birthday. Because what grown man wants to go to Disneyland on his birthday with a toddler? So why did we choose that particular day? It just worked best with his schedule and he’s a trooper, that one is.
I’ve never been one to plan Disneyland. Ever. Growing up in Orange County, I was lucky to have annual passes on/off so I had the opportunity to go often. There was never any pressure to go on a certain amount of rides or see a ton of parades during one visit. Sometimes we’d hop in the car at 8 PM, go on a ride, have my favorite chocolate ice cream, and go home. It was simple. This time, I found myself researching toddler appropriate rides and attractions a week in advance, and preparing an assortment of snacks the night before. I even pulled out a mini cooler with an ice pack! Not my style. But it helped with keeping my anxiety at a minimum…..as far as standing in lines and walking around all day.

We aimed for 9:00 AM, and strolled into the park at 12:00. One bag full of extra clothes, snacks and diapers to keep in the stroller at all times, and a mini one with me to cart any valuables and in-line distractions. We ate as soon as we got to the park, and headed to Pirates of the Caribbean. A 40 minute wait. Honestly, not as bad as I imagined. We took turns holding Little, and when he was all holded out we put him down with two gummy bears in his hand at a time. We pointed out everything we could see; Birds, people, kids not touching the rope dividers, etc. It kept him busy the entire wait. I was impressed. The ride itself was entertaining for him, and he sat in his seat without moving the entire time.

Tarzan’s Treehouse was right around the corner, so we headed over and went up and down the steps a few times. After, we decided to try the Mickey beignets I see pictures of everywhere. But we had to have the ones at Cafe Orleans that come with dipping sauce; A Raspberry Coulis and a Vanilla Bean Créme Anglaise. The beignets themselves were good; fluffy and light. The dipping sauces were what made them awesome. If you’re thinking about having beignets at Disney without the dipping sauces, don’t waste your time my friend. 

Once we convinced ourselves that we really shouldn’t order another, we headed to Toon Town to meet Mickey. Little’s face looked like his mind couldn’t process the amazingness around him fast enough. ‘Mommy, look,’ he said ten times in a row as he pointed everywhere. 

Mickey’s house was a huge hit. We enjoyed watching our favorite mouse’s laundry swishing away in the washing machine. At the end, Mickey was waiting for us to take pictures. Little couldn’t handle it. He couldn’t talk or move, just eyes fixated on his hero. As we were leaving, he flashed a huge smile, and yelled, ‘bye Mickey!’ The shock had dissipated. 

We ended the day with Small World, also a hit, and grabbed some ice cream on the way out. By this time, Little had passed out. 

All in all, I’d say a huge success. So glad we decided not to jam pack our day, two rides was more than enough, and I’m sure we’ll be back soon. 

If you’re thinking about going to Disneyland with your toddler, do it, it’s crazy how you can feel the magic through their eyes. It’s so worth it.

Baby steps, and pixie dust,



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