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It is incredibly nice to be around like minded people. People who see that there is something so important missing in the birth world, in the world that represents women, and the world that represents family. I am speaking about a couple of ladies ahead of a big movement called BIRTHFIT. Dr. Lindsay Matthews (Founder) and Emily Russak (Head Coach) are making moves inspiring and empowering women to choose health in all its forms. They are leading women to actively participate in nutrition, mindset, chiropractic, and fitness during their journey from pre-natal care to postpartum care.

Last night, my husband and I stopped on over to their headquarters to sit down for a nice chat about all things birth. We spoke about our decision to choose a midwife, support during pregnancy, labor, post-partum, partners, family, and the future. Tonight we continued the conversation that needs to be had more often. A conversation about being informed about the decisions you make regarding your body and your family. They are important decisions that we sometimes make based on societal norms and what is expected, rather than information gathered and figuring out what falls in line with ones own beliefs.

Our goal here was to start conversation, and inspire conversation. It makes people uncomfortable to talk about all things baby making. It makes people uncomfortable to talk about baby making parts, we don’t even talk to our children using proper terminology. We don’t want to tell them that a boy has a penis, and a girl has a vagina. God forbid we use the P and V word.

These baby making conversations including sex, labor, birth, the pain, the discomfort of all the things that come along with pregnancy to post-partum and into parenthood. These conversations create new norms. These conversations push the boundaries where women can talk about being abused, where boys can talk about being sexually assaulted, because it doesn’t only happen to women. Let’s talk about these taboo topics so they are no longer taboo. So they don’t have to debilitate men and women.

These conversations push boundaries so the medical system can take a look at their practices, so more women can push through labor walking around and squatting rather than being attached to so many machines to monitor mama and baby during a low risk pregnancy. These discussions push doctors to take active roles in the care for pregnant and birthing mothers not just fifteen minute visits.

The power of these conversations, though they may not seem so powerful to some, are incredibly empowering to others. These conversations are not to judge other mothers, they are not to judge families but to make us question why we do the things we do. It doesn’t mean you have to change your decision. But take a second, think about what it is you are doing and the why behind it.

This all probably comes across as preachy. I would apologize, but I could not stress this enough. As mothers and families we need to cause change in society in order to gain support for our needs. We can’t do that if we don’t have honest conversations with each other. We can’t change those social norms or get what we need from those around us, without bringing awareness to the topics. No one is going to change a thing unless we ask for help. This is us asking for help. By telling our stories and sharing our opinions with one another we create strength in community. That strength in community no matter how small, spreads. It spreads to those who change legislation, to those who push our agendas.

I am honored to share this space, to share our voices and experiences with the amazing women at BIRTHFIT and the father of Dadswagger.

Check it out on itunes, Google Play, or click on the link over at BIRTHFIT next week, I lied- click on it now, they have very special ladies and gentleman, doctors, fathers, and athletes who share their stories.

We’ll keep the reminders coming.


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