I don’t expect you to understand-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

This pregnancy has been so different in so many ways. I mean, if you think about it then it makes perfect sense-How can 2 pregnancies with 2 different souls be the same?

There are definitely things I didn’t expect such as being sick all the way to 40th week, when with my first I didn’t. I also didn’t expect to not be able to workout because of placenta previa, when I was hiking and working out all the way to delivery with my first (and no, it didn’t help with easy labor or the bouncing back, weight wise, in case you were wondering).



There are some new things added to that list of not expecting though. I don’t expect moms who gave birth 30, 40 years ago to understand that:

  1. Making faces does NOT mean I’m angry its just that damn nausea
  2. Having dark circles under my eyes does not need a follow up question “did you sleep well”?, since obviously I did NOT. And no, I don’t usually suffer from insomnia.
  3. Having a big belly does not mean I’m having twins, so stop asking me! (but of course those who had babies 40 years ago will claim that they were 100lbs with baby and 80lbs right after giving birth….Jeez louise)
  4. Vomiting in the morning does not mean I have the flu. I am pregnant!
  5. Don’t ask me what I’d like for dinner since obviously lunch didn’t hold up all that well
  6. Don’t wait for me to make you breakfast, lunch or dinner when my feet are so swollen they look like mini balloons

Here’s to week 40th and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (baby, did you hear that? go for that tunnel…….mama is ready)

Happy Passover-the holiday of freedom and Happy Friday.




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