And then there were 4-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Life is magical and miraculous. That’s how I feel about our new lil girl that blessed us with her arrival 6 days ago. With every contraction and every hour that passed by I knew she was close. I wanted to feel that pain for her, to make her arrival into this already complicated world that much easier. We are blessed to have amazing friends and a community of wonderful mothers who understand the beauty in this journey and the accepted challenges along the way. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

I didn’t choose a home birth. My first hospital experience was so amazing I decided to take this route again. The OB’s I choose are all pro natural birth and fought for what I fight for: safe, natural delivery, with little, if any, medical interruption.

All our wishes were respected. I had my OB who understood our priorities and my dear friend, a mother of 4 that has also been there for us the first time around, guiding me with every sharp pain and teary eyes  through meditations and practical steps to successful delivery. I felt empowered and respected.


When delivery (that, by the way, was soooo much easier second time around) ended successfully I called our midwife Heather Schwartz from birthing spirit, to come pick up my placenta and encapsulate for faster healing. Another thing I wasn’t able to do first time, since it was infected.

Love to all the moms and babies out there,



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