Why we didn’t name her Tiffany-Noa’s freestyle Friday

Tomorrow we have our baby girl’s baby naming ceremony and until then we don’t reveal her name, nor do we call her by her name.  What the heck is a baby naming ceremony and why won’t you name her Tiffany ,you’re asking? Good questions!

Well, A Hebrew name consists of a number of letters of the Hebrew alphabet. According to mysticism each Hebrew letter is a “pipeline” to bring spiritual energy from the upper worlds to our physical, so although Tiffany is a beautiful name it has no meaning in Hebrew, so no we didn’t go with Tiffany.

This is the reason we find original references to the theory of names, because the person’s Hebrew name is the channel of energy that he receives from the upper spiritual worlds and it affects his whole human essence. Until we recite that special blessing that connects her soul with the chosen name we believe the name is ’empty’ and lacks the ability to protect the newborn’s soul.



The name we ,the parents, choose for our baby is actually a ‘small prophecy’. This prophetic inspiration is directed to the parents from above and enables them to give the child the exact name that is destined for him/her.

Why do we write down the exact time of birth? (and sometimes argue with the nurse to correct their hospital’s clock)

A person’s birth date has a very important impact on his/her life. In the original Jewish texts it is stated that the twelve astrological signs are each related to one month of the Hebrew calendar. Each sign has its own potential energy, and this sign influences the soul that was born on that particular month.

In addition to a person’s monthly astrological sign, each soul is also influenced according to which day of the week he/she was born on. Each day corresponds to one of the seven character traits and each hour has its own influence on a person’s soul.

Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to a different part of the human physical makeup, so numerology and how we write her name in Hebrew has a lot of meaning.

These three concepts together (month, day and time) constitute a person’s luck and life opportunities.

Having said this, it’s important to mention that although these concepts apply to each soul, they do not control the baby, and every newborn has the soul power to control and rise above their luck. In other words, although this luck does exist, the person can work to change it.

You think that’s a lot? just try explaining this to your Catholic mother in law, who wants to name her Margaret…

Happy Baby naming ceremony!



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