Who farted?-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Many times you hear people talk about the advantages of breastfeeding. I wanted to write about some of the challenges that I, as a mother of 2 breastfed babies, face.

In one word, GAS! As much as it cracks me up to hear our lil girl waking up to a big fart (I know, I’m lame),it also saddens me that neither our son nor our baby girl got their dad’s resilient stomach. Why?

Because I’m sensitive to pretty much everything and my girl (and son when he was her tender age) is even more: some of the major ones I can’t have are: fruit at night, quinoa, sugar, ginger, garlic, raw spinach, dairy, gluten, legumes and the list goes on and on., so when I’m uncomfortable my lil one is uncomfortable. REALY uncomfortable and that translates into this heart breaking painful cry that’s resolved only by laying her down on her tummy, putting some infant probiotic on my nipples for her to feed and putting a drop of Arak on her shirt and pressing against her belly. I take probiotics every day and avoid going to restaurants where I don’t really know what they put in my food.

The upside? The baby weight is coming off. Fast. (woohoo)

The downside? I’ve turned into an unsocial, restaurant snob that can’t eat out.

I’ll take it. And I know that soon her digestive system will mature and be able to handle this mama eating out every now and then.


To our kiddos,



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