I’m UP!-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

It’s 2am and I’m UP! Being alone in the house with 2 kids is no fun. My love had to leave town for a few days for his nephew’s graduation and I was left home alone with our toddler, our newborn and a senior German shepherd. I can’t sleep. The baby is not crying, our toddler is sound asleep next to me and yet I sit at the edge of our bed and start meditating. I feel like something weird is happening, but what???

This morning I heard on the radio that there was an earthquake around 2am. WTF? was it my intuition? My mommy’s instincts? Crazy!

What’s even crazier is that before having kids (I call is “the all about me me me time”) I knew I could kick some serious ass with my weekly visits to the shooting range and daily boxing classes, but being a mom changed me. Even though I don’t get to go to the shooting range or take boxing classes as much  as I’d like to, I became a warrior. A mom warrior and I will do anything for our kids. So I’m happy it was only a small earthquake because I was ready to whoop some serious butt 😉warrior_queen_mother_redux_by_samax-d8rfq39


Shabbat Shalom & namaste



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