Food coloring be gone!

They are in everything, those food coloring monsters. Baked goods, candy, drinks, frozen food, ice cream, cereal, moisturizers, shampoo, spices. And a whole lot more. If you ever see Yellow #5, Blue #1, and Red #40 (three of the most popular FDA permitted ones), then you could be consuming what is potentially hazardous to your health, and your child’s health. I’ve always felt strongly about food dyes, but when I was pregnant with Little, I went on a rampage, getting rid of anything with artificial coloring. In the end, I threw out and donated a good portion of moisturizers, shampoos, makeup, and a large amount of food. I was shocked seeing Red#40, in so many items I used on the daily. 

Artificial food coloring has been a big debate over the past several decades, linking them to hyperactivity in children, cancer, and other illnesses, yet there’s seven legal artificial food dyes on the market. According to this Forbes article, After “Halloween in 1950, the government banned Orange #1 when many children became ill after consumption. In the 1970s, scientific testing pointed to Red #2’s potential carcinogenic properties (caused intestinal tumors in rats), and it too was banned. Yellows #1, #2, #3, and #4 are among the others that have since been made illegal, and Yellow #5 is currently undergoing further testing for links to hyperactivity, anxiety, migraines and cancer (the color has already been banned in many European countries).”

While this subject is still being studied in the U. S., I’m not taking any chances. Yellow #5 banned in many European countries? That means something. Why mess around, when there’s so many natural alternatives? 

I realize there are so many things that are potentially hazardous to our health, and we could go crazy trying to avoid all of them. But if we can just be more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, and think about how that could affect us, I’d say we’re taking one step towards a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. 

Baby steps, and turmeric-colored lollipops,




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