Both Hands On The Wheel, Ima-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

This morning I was driving our toddler, who was siting beside his new baby girl sister,to his daycare , and as I was driving I reached back with my right hand, held his foot and said “I love you”. In response he caressed my hand and immediately guided it back to me and said “both hands on the wheel, ima” (mommy). I smiled and said “you are right, my sweet boy, both hands on the wheel”. We all need to be reminded to drive carefully, to pay attention on the road, to put our phone in our bag while we drive, to be alert, even though we are sleep deprived from nursing or a baby teething all night, to ignore the text, to not take that call from work and not text “on my way” while we are actually on our way. trailers-12370373_l-e1437588216163.jpg

Maybe if they’ll start running an ad about a toddler telling his mom to drive with both hands on the wheel we, as parents, will connect more  and remind ourselves how dangerous it is to text and drive or even take your eyes of the road, just for a second. well…a second is all that it takes.

please drive carefully. Our lives and the lives of our little ones sure mean A LOT more than a stupid text…even if for just a second.

Drive safe and be safe,beautiful families

Shabbat Shalom,



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