Moving Madness

It isn’t ground breaking news. Or a deep profound thought…that moving legitimately sucks. A few weeks ago, when people told me how difficult it would be with a toddler, I silently told them to very nicely be quiet, that I’d be so on top of it on moving day, that I’d be walking around not knowing what to do with myself as I’d be amazingly organized and as a result have nothing else to do.
It’s not too late for this naive fantasy to come true. We have a little time to make this happen. But as I go through the list of things to be done, a mild panic attack lurks around the corner. What I had failed to realize was that packing is the easy part. Scheduling everything, ordering the needed items, and making sure the timeline is in alignment, is where I might lose my mind. All the while, reminding Little that the items in the boxes, are supposed to stay in the boxes. We’re still working on this one.

I’ve had a few friends who moved with their toddlers and their new babies. This means an infant AND a two year-old. Respect. I don’t know how they did it without falling apart. And in the chaos they managed to hold regular play dates, and keep a smile on their faces. That’s talent.
Give me your secrets.
Baby steps, and big boxes are awesome,



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