Was It Worth It? Noa’s Freestyle Fridays


We made it! Almost exactly 3 years after our first failed attempt we actually not just touched the sand, but put a tent up and even got some water on us. Woohoo!!

First time we tried our son was then 6 months. We packed up half of our house (I call it the ‘just in case’ first time parents syndrome) in the car, and schlepped all the way to Santa Monica for what we thought would be a great day at the beach. Right?



My love even took a trip to REI and spent hundreds of dollars on umbrellas, folding chairs and even a waterproof picnic blanket for our lil infant to lay down on. We finally get to the parking lot. There’s nowhere to park. I guess we weren’t the only geniuses thinking a Sunday beach day is the way to go…Our lil baby is screaming his lungs out, hating the carseat and the whole ‘looking for parking’ deal, we parked (illegally), just so that I can take him out of the carseat and carry him with me to the beach.

Feeling rushed, hot and exhausted I sat down on the first rock I saw to nurse him. All the while I was thinking Yes, I can see the ocean. We’re almost there. Almost. There.

As I wrap up the nursing session I see my love making his way to us, carrying the umbrella, the folding chairs, the cooler, the picnic blanket and whatever else he was able to fit in his hands (Go Crossfit!) when our infant started screaming. What’s wrong now? Nothing calmed him down. NOTHING. Feeling defeated, angry and exhausted we made our way back to the car and drove home.

Last weekend we decided it was time to try again. Our new girl is a chill baby (“You are low maintenance just like your mom”, my love keeps saying to her) and yes, we still schlepped the entire house on our backs but we actually made it to the beach. After a rocky start like our son crying that he hates the water and my love’s answer (and I quote) “what did we do wrong to pussify you” , and then chasing down our tent, almost knocking my eye out in the process but IT WAS WORTH IT.

Even with the little sniffly sniff that our little girl got after our beach day. It was sooooo worth it. Thank you, kiddos, for making us work for something we took for granted before you came along and for being exactly who you are! and thank you, my love, for creating funny memories with me along the way.

Love you,

Shabbat Shalom,




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