The Unspoken M word- Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

Miscarriages-Why? Why me? What now?  Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

“It happens” The Doctor will say, but why does it happen???

After having  our baby boy and before having our precious baby girl I had a miscarriage. that was after we announced to everyone that we are pregnant and having a vaginal exam at 8 wks (NO MORE!) and I thought, well, it’s probably because I’m still nursing my baby boy and so I waited a little then stopped nursing him at almost 2 years old. We tried again….Another miscarriage! WHAT? WHY?


Then I started thinking that- A) It’s a good sign that I get pregnant, so that means I’m fertile and B) Because the MC’s  happen so early it could be that I don’t have the hormonal level balanced out in order to support those crucial 3 months of the placenta supporting the eggs, and so I  started on hormonal therapy and tried again. Another MC!

I started seeking the help of acupuncture, the bible and friends.  Those that never had one didn’t help AT ALL, but hearing that a a friend of a friend had 3 MC’s as well, gave me some comfort that it doesn’t ONLY happen to me and that maybe she can share some insight. She didn’t. Never returned my texts.

Then the sadness started creeping in and the thought of adoption had indeed crossed our minds, until I went to an OB who is also a fertility expert who ran some tests that showed that I have thyroditis. I knew I had it , with my baby boy (something I discovered by ‘chance’) only I thought that it was gone. Little did I know it wasn’t!

so I turned to the help of the best (and quite expensive) endocrinologist at Holtorf in Torrance, who ran some (more) tests that concluded that I have what’s called Hashimoto, which is an auto immune condition and that basically I have to be on thyroid pills for the rest of my life. Hurrayyyy!!! ! I found my answer. So it doesn’t JUST happen.

Kabbalists believe that sometimes the soul completes his/her purpose (i.e Tikkun’) by that MC. Okay, I semi buy that. Once…okay…but 3 times??

And then it all made sense. The hormones that support the placenta are being supported by the thyroid.Just to be extra safe I took the advice of a mother of 5 who told me about her MC and asked my OB to prescribe me progesterone pills (vaginal ones) for the first 3 months when the progesterone drops and hence the unwanted MC.

Why do I write all this? because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!! and I’m here to help and share from the little experience that I have, with other mothers and future mothers to not give up and to seek all options available.

Here’s to a healthy, full term pregnancy and delivery.

God Bless & Shabbat Shalom,