What He Doesn’t Know…-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

Getting toddlers to eat nutritious food is tough, yet doable. If you eat healthy, your child will eat healthy. If you eat shit food you can’t expect your child to not want the same. After all, we are their role models. My degree in nutrition was put to the test when our 3 year old started eating more and more store bought snacks at his daycare. I knew right then that I had some mean competition. My mission officially changed from how to make good food to how to make good food that LOOKS good.

This summer he is alllllll about popsicles! so that was my first mission (If I chose to accept it…).

I have long sought an answer to the question: How to make homemade popsicles that will be nutritious AND easy on the eyes and this is what I came up with-


  • Silicon popsicle molds with silicone lids (I ordered mine on Amazon)
  • Left over frozen fruit (ANY fruit)
  • Goat Yogurt/Coconut milk/any other liquid
  • Drizzle of Agave/honey/stevia

Put everything in your Vitamix or other powerful blender, scoop the batter into the molds,freeze overnight and hallelujah-you’ve got yourselves nutritious, shit free, toddler (and mommy) approved popsicles.



To your health,



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