We survived.

So we did it. We moved two hours away with Little in tow. We hired professional movers thinking it would make our lives easier. Big word of advice; Expensive does not equal efficient. As nice and cordial as they were, our movers were not fast or organized. After three weeks I’m still finding boxes like, ‘towels’ in random places. Needless to say, it hasn’t been fun. Nothing like a move, to really test your relationships and your patience.Hubby and I were under a lot of pressure to get everything organized in a short period of time. With boxes marked, ‘pjs’ found in the garage, we tended to throw our frustration on to each other. And when it rains… you know how it goes. It was as if the move was the first of a series of issues. Appliances in our new place started breaking down, nothing seemed to work. A lot of repairs and a lot of hassle. 

After a few weeks, we’re starting to feel more adjusted and trying to focus on the positive aspects of the move. Now that we can actually find things, we’re at a calmer place, and making it a point to go on date nights and re-connect. It’s been a nice reminder to know that when things feel like they’re out of control, they will eventually get better. 

Mommies/daddies how have past moves been for you?

Baby steps, and make sure you label everything,


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