We’re On To you-Noa’s Freestyle Friday

Ever notice that unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy foods? You may think nothing of it, but our government policies and practices help lower the prices of unhealthful foods. Since the 1920s, American farmers have received government subsidies to help maximize production, reduce cost of raw materials, stabilize crop prices and keep the cost of food down for the American public, allowing farmers to stay in business. This originally well-intentioned government money has led to the overproduction of corn and soybeans, and consequently, lower prices for these crops and foods containing them as ingredients. This may seem harmless. Corn and soybeans are healthy, right?


050811_FarmSubsidiesfarmer-hands-exchanging-money-green-cropsIn their natural states, these foods are not bad, but the outcome of the overproduction of these crops has led to their increased use as cheap, unhealthy ingredients found in processed foods on the grocery store aisles. High fructose corn syrup—an artificial ingredient found in most sodas and junk foods—is an inexpensive use of corn. Low corn prices have led to artificially low meat prices, because corn has become the number one feed for cattle—a major shift from a traditional grazing diet. The overproduction of soybeans and corn provides an inexpensive way to add flavor to packaged junk food, fast food, corn-fed beef and pork, and soft drinks. For consumers, these less nutritious foods are cheaper, and particularly tempting to people living on a budget. These subsidies contribute to the obesity epidemic by making it cheaper to produce and purchase unhealthy, packaged foods.

As a result of the subsidies, growing fruits, vegetables and other grains is less lucrative for farmers. Less than ten percent of USDA subsidies are spent

on fruits and vegetables. We should be asking why vegetables, fruits and whole grains aren’t heavily subsidized so they can be cheaper and more accessible to everyone. Obviously, this change in policy would go a long way in helping Americans follow their own government’s nutritional guidelines. This disparity in government funding points out an awkward truth about the USDA: what it urges people to eat does not match what it pays farmers to grow.

Another influential factor is political campaign contributions. Dependence on financial contributions from powerful lobbies prevents government agencies from stating the simple truths about nutrition. Politicians say the money they receive from corporate donors does not influence the policies they promote, but why would companies give money if this were true? Corporations are not known for their spontaneous generosity. Politicians need a lot of money to get elected, and food and drug companies are some of their biggest backers. McDonald’s, Pepsi, General Mills, Kraft, Nestlé and Hershey depend on their friends in Washington, who make the food laws and guidelines. The top contributors to the former chairman of the Agricultural Committee, Collin C. Peterson (D-MN), were American Crystal Sugar, Dairy Farmers of America, Land O’Lakes, National Beer Wholesalers Association, United Egg Association and Dean Foods.Of course, they want some return on their investment here.

We’re on to you!

So don’t expect the government to feed you good food, do the research yourself and feed your family better food.

Shabbat Shalom,



What He Doesn’t Know…-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

Getting toddlers to eat nutritious food is tough, yet doable. If you eat healthy, your child will eat healthy. If you eat shit food you can’t expect your child to not want the same. After all, we are their role models. My degree in nutrition was put to the test when our 3 year old started eating more and more store bought snacks at his daycare. I knew right then that I had some mean competition. My mission officially changed from how to make good food to how to make good food that LOOKS good.

This summer he is alllllll about popsicles! so that was my first mission (If I chose to accept it…).

I have long sought an answer to the question: How to make homemade popsicles that will be nutritious AND easy on the eyes and this is what I came up with-


  • Silicon popsicle molds with silicone lids (I ordered mine on Amazon)
  • Left over frozen fruit (ANY fruit)
  • Goat Yogurt/Coconut milk/any other liquid
  • Drizzle of Agave/honey/stevia

Put everything in your Vitamix or other powerful blender, scoop the batter into the molds,freeze overnight and hallelujah-you’ve got yourselves nutritious, shit free, toddler (and mommy) approved popsicles.



To your health,


Was It Worth It? Noa’s Freestyle Fridays


We made it! Almost exactly 3 years after our first failed attempt we actually not just touched the sand, but put a tent up and even got some water on us. Woohoo!!

First time we tried our son was then 6 months. We packed up half of our house (I call it the ‘just in case’ first time parents syndrome) in the car, and schlepped all the way to Santa Monica for what we thought would be a great day at the beach. Right?



My love even took a trip to REI and spent hundreds of dollars on umbrellas, folding chairs and even a waterproof picnic blanket for our lil infant to lay down on. We finally get to the parking lot. There’s nowhere to park. I guess we weren’t the only geniuses thinking a Sunday beach day is the way to go…Our lil baby is screaming his lungs out, hating the carseat and the whole ‘looking for parking’ deal, we parked (illegally), just so that I can take him out of the carseat and carry him with me to the beach.

Feeling rushed, hot and exhausted I sat down on the first rock I saw to nurse him. All the while I was thinking Yes, I can see the ocean. We’re almost there. Almost. There.

As I wrap up the nursing session I see my love making his way to us, carrying the umbrella, the folding chairs, the cooler, the picnic blanket and whatever else he was able to fit in his hands (Go Crossfit!) when our infant started screaming. What’s wrong now? Nothing calmed him down. NOTHING. Feeling defeated, angry and exhausted we made our way back to the car and drove home.

Last weekend we decided it was time to try again. Our new girl is a chill baby (“You are low maintenance just like your mom”, my love keeps saying to her) and yes, we still schlepped the entire house on our backs but we actually made it to the beach. After a rocky start like our son crying that he hates the water and my love’s answer (and I quote) “what did we do wrong to pussify you” , and then chasing down our tent, almost knocking my eye out in the process but IT WAS WORTH IT.

Even with the little sniffly sniff that our little girl got after our beach day. It was sooooo worth it. Thank you, kiddos, for making us work for something we took for granted before you came along and for being exactly who you are! and thank you, my love, for creating funny memories with me along the way.

Love you,

Shabbat Shalom,



A Safe Haven?-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays


Unless you live on a different planet(which is unlikely,since you are reading this) you probably have heard the sad news about another senseless & maddening terror attack.

Being a native of Israel we had (and still have) quite a few of these devastating attacks.

Imagine a small country surrounded by other countries who want to destroy it and you got yourself a recipe for disaster!

I think in the back of my mind I didn’t want my kids to be raised in fear like I did (even though no one ever uses this word in Israel) and so I relocated years ago, to where I believe is safer.

Hearing and seeing images from yesterday’s horror brings me back to the disturbing images I’ve seen growing up. I’ll spare you the details… which leads me to question- Is there such a thing as a safe haven? Is there a place where I can pack up my little family and be safe??  I sure hope that the answer is yes.

Nice, my heart goes out to you.

Here’s to a safe haven everywhere!  soon, I hope.

Shabbat Shalom,


My Soft Porn Addiction-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

It’s hard to admit that you have an addiction. Any addiction, whatever it might be.

It’s hard to admit, and come clean. I used to laugh at people who watched it and now I’m one of those people. I don’t know what it is, the story, the family, the fact that it’s scripted but not scripted, the makeup, the set….


What is it about Keeping Up With The Kardashians that make me not only watch it, but record it on my DVR??

I must be crazy. I’m an educated, career driven, loving mother who got no time to watch TV but for this, well apparently for this I find the time.

When my mom was in town we watched it together and even though she doesn’t speak a word in English she understood everything. We talked about their lives like we are their family members. Crazy, right?

I used to blame my son when my soulmate saw it recorded on our DVR. I used to smile and blame my son for recording it by mistake. I lied. Straight up. Until… I discovered my love’s addiction to…. The Bachelorette! WHAT? (YES!)

So lucky for me, now I’m not the only educated, career driven parent in our household with a soft spot to reality porn and that, my friends, makes me feel a lot better!

So here’s to Kim K and her awesome momager, Chris Kardashian, a mom of 6 who makes shit happen!

love love love,


The Unspoken M word- Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

Miscarriages-Why? Why me? What now?  Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

“It happens” The Doctor will say, but why does it happen???

After having  our baby boy and before having our precious baby girl I had a miscarriage. that was after we announced to everyone that we are pregnant and having a vaginal exam at 8 wks (NO MORE!) and I thought, well, it’s probably because I’m still nursing my baby boy and so I waited a little then stopped nursing him at almost 2 years old. We tried again….Another miscarriage! WHAT? WHY?


Then I started thinking that- A) It’s a good sign that I get pregnant, so that means I’m fertile and B) Because the MC’s  happen so early it could be that I don’t have the hormonal level balanced out in order to support those crucial 3 months of the placenta supporting the eggs, and so I  started on hormonal therapy and tried again. Another MC!

I started seeking the help of acupuncture, the bible and friends.  Those that never had one didn’t help AT ALL, but hearing that a a friend of a friend had 3 MC’s as well, gave me some comfort that it doesn’t ONLY happen to me and that maybe she can share some insight. She didn’t. Never returned my texts.

Then the sadness started creeping in and the thought of adoption had indeed crossed our minds, until I went to an OB who is also a fertility expert who ran some tests that showed that I have thyroditis. I knew I had it , with my baby boy (something I discovered by ‘chance’) only I thought that it was gone. Little did I know it wasn’t!

so I turned to the help of the best (and quite expensive) endocrinologist at Holtorf in Torrance, who ran some (more) tests that concluded that I have what’s called Hashimoto, which is an auto immune condition and that basically I have to be on thyroid pills for the rest of my life. Hurrayyyy!!! ! I found my answer. So it doesn’t JUST happen.

Kabbalists believe that sometimes the soul completes his/her purpose (i.e Tikkun’) by that MC. Okay, I semi buy that. Once…okay…but 3 times??

And then it all made sense. The hormones that support the placenta are being supported by the thyroid.Just to be extra safe I took the advice of a mother of 5 who told me about her MC and asked my OB to prescribe me progesterone pills (vaginal ones) for the first 3 months when the progesterone drops and hence the unwanted MC.

Why do I write all this? because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!! and I’m here to help and share from the little experience that I have, with other mothers and future mothers to not give up and to seek all options available.

Here’s to a healthy, full term pregnancy and delivery.

God Bless & Shabbat Shalom,



Both Hands On The Wheel, Ima-Noa’s Freestyle Fridays

This morning I was driving our toddler, who was siting beside his new baby girl sister,to his daycare , and as I was driving I reached back with my right hand, held his foot and said “I love you”. In response he caressed my hand and immediately guided it back to me and said “both hands on the wheel, ima” (mommy). I smiled and said “you are right, my sweet boy, both hands on the wheel”. We all need to be reminded to drive carefully, to pay attention on the road, to put our phone in our bag while we drive, to be alert, even though we are sleep deprived from nursing or a baby teething all night, to ignore the text, to not take that call from work and not text “on my way” while we are actually on our way. trailers-12370373_l-e1437588216163.jpg

Maybe if they’ll start running an ad about a toddler telling his mom to drive with both hands on the wheel we, as parents, will connect more  and remind ourselves how dangerous it is to text and drive or even take your eyes of the road, just for a second. well…a second is all that it takes.

please drive carefully. Our lives and the lives of our little ones sure mean A LOT more than a stupid text…even if for just a second.

Drive safe and be safe,beautiful families

Shabbat Shalom,